Making the right moves starts with 
making time. 
Through transformative coaching, my mission is to guide your personal and professional growth through mindful movement, health, love and authenticity.
Transformation has a ripple effect.

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Trinnie Houghton,

Private Transformative Coaching 

Personalized online sessions that are customized in time and duration

All information requires a consultation.

Transformative coaching is deep work. It is for leaders who already know how to lead and lead well. This is not prescriptive coaching or following a well-worn path to an outcome defined by someone else. Transformative coaching is about discovering – and continuing to discover – one’s own path and future as it emerges.

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Essential Well-being

Ongoing 4-week series that builds a foundation or refreshes your well-being practice.

Dates: Thursdays
Time: 8:30 - 9:15 AM ET (45 minutes)
Where: Online
Size: Group

As a professional, it’s time to stop ignoring your well-being. In fact, it’s essential. This workshop is designed to introduce you to well-being practices and build a foundation so that you can grow personally and professionally. If you are already familiar with some well-being practices, it can serve as a wonderful return to basics.

  • Strengthen/grow a well-being practice
  • Build awareness and connection through breath, movement and energy 
  • Deepen individual commitments with regular gratitude practices
  • Learn how to tap into sources of nourishment
  • Gain a deeper understanding from shared experiences
  • Feel good physically and mentally
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Outdoor Well-Being Trail Coaching

In-person, one-on-one coaching along New Hampshire's most beautiful trails

When: TBD

Size: Small groups online

Price: $150 or pay what you can


Nothing improves your well-being more than tuning into nature. Using the Rails to Trails venues in New Hampshire, we'll enjoy the goodness of the outdoors while walking through your personalized coaching priorities. We walk and talk deeply about the things that matter to YOU.  

Format: Individual (one-on-one); ongoing until it snows
Time: Two in-person dedicated hours each month
Where: Handpicked trails near your location

  • Well-being diagnostic and discovery questions
  • Initial 30-minute virtual, one-on-one coaching meeting
  • Two dedicated meetings on the trail each month
  • 5% of all proceeds go to the NH Rail Trails Coalition
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Transformative coaching & workshops

Rippleffect Consulting LLC.

m:  603.848.1445  

Juris Doctor, cum laude
Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, magna cum laude
Boston University, Boston, MA

After several years as a successful attorney in Boston, I determined that I wanted a career in a field that would truly make my heart sing. I wanted my professional life to align more with the exhilaration I felt playing sports, competing, running and dancing. After some exploration and a course in coaching, I found that transformational coaching was my real passion and calling. Looking back, it makes sense. I was a psychology major, fascinated by the way people think and create, and a counselor both in law and informally in professional relationships.

I launched Rippleffect Consulting in 2007, essentially because I wanted to create a more far-reaching impact within and with those who partnered with me. The name resonated with me because of the fact that there is so much interconnection between mind, body and action. Because without action or movement, there is no ripple.
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Call: 603.223.0122

“In an increasingly competitive job world, it’s essential for executives to understand their strengths and weaknesses, have a clear vision of who they are and what they offer and grow their emotional intelligence. I feel that I’ve grown both as a person and as a professional and that I’ve benefitted manifold because of the work done with Trinnie and Rippleffect.”

- KB, Washington DC

"We love Trinnie's way of being, listening, understanding and her incredible ability to notice everything that happens and everything that doesn’t. We notice and love the way she puts her soul into working with us and we trust her totally. We are enormously grateful for all Trinnie and Rippleffect is doing to make our “system” flourish and improve.

KH & AH, Stockholm, Sweden

"The brain organizes the mind and body as a whole; it does not separate one from the other." 
- Anat Baniel
Making the right moves 
starts with 
making time.
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